TECHLABIMPORT equipment distributor

About us

Techlabimport is a company specialized in supply of equipment for food, processing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.

Our mission is to provide functional production cycle for our customers by equipment supply and service support. We help our customers to solve technological, analytical and research issues with minimal financial expenses and in accordance with national/international requirements for product manufacturing and research.

We cooperate only with leading manufacturing companies in Russia and abroad, providing equipment with different price. Quality-to-price ratio is the most significant criteria for us while choosing a supplier. Close cooperation with our customers and suppliers are high values for us.

Our operating scenario: we get the task from our customer and choose the right solution, approve budget (in case of necessity we choose an alternate solution to stay at budget frames), order an equipment and make commissioning. During equipment life time our service engineers provide all necessary services. Quickness and flexibility are our main principles.

Techlabimport is a company with high professional specialists with huge experience, who can help you to organize any production facility. We have representatives in different regions and high level of support.

We choose the right solution in strict accordance with customer’s tasks to organize effective production facility in compliance with GMP and GOST.

Significant for us:

  • We are interested in your progress and provide you state-of-the-art solutions to produce competitive products, as well as to organize contract manufacturing facility. We have the best specialists and the best equipment for it.
  • We provide you a wild range of services starting from business plan to produce high quality products and taking into account possibility for further scale-up.
  • We will help you to organize your production effectively.

We ensure:

  • custom-tailored approach, benefical conditions of supply;
  • providing equipment for single technological task and whole production cycle;
  • operating efficiency during the hole period of life time;
  • equipment modernization in case of necessity.

Our principles – direct contact with the best manufacturers, high quality services, quickness, flexible price.

We provide commissioning and stay in contact with our customer during the whole period of equipment life time. Our high qualified engineers will help you to choose the best solution and provide further services.

We supply only state-ot-the-art and high-tech equipment in accordance with GMP and GOST regulations, taking into account your project documents and technology characteristics. We may operate as a turnkey contractor, employing our partners for design and building. Techlabimport – direct contracts, flexible prices and individual approach to each customer.

    To get detailed information about equipment price and availability at our warehouse, please contact our specialists using special feedback form or directly:

  • +7 (499) 674-05-40 (central office in Moscow)

We are looking forward to the future and will help our customers to do it.