TECHLABIMPORT equipment distributor

Complete services

High qualified specialists, best suppliers, prices and quality

Techlabimport provides complete solutions for laboratories and production facilities instrumentation in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and processing industries.

We provide complete services connected with operational commissioning. We supply high technological equipment by the leading manufacturers with further service support and consulting.

Our features: high qualified specialists, best suppliers, prices and quality.

  • Complete solutions for food industry
  • Equipment supply for agricultural sector
  • Complete technological solutions for chemical industry
  • Complete solutions for R&D, analytical and quality control laboratories
  • Full production cycle of API, finished dosage forms and biopharmaceuticals.

    To get detailed information about equipment price and availability at our warehouse, please contact our specialists using special feedback form or directly:

  • +7 (499) 674-05-40 (central office in Moscow)

With hope to effective cooperation!